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Teachings of Hart

What I got this weekend from Hart Lazer of Montreal, Canada…

1.  When an asana is not done right or does not feel right, GO BACK to the beginning!

2.  Discomfort is usually brought about by compression, find ways to relieve compression.

3.  Wide-legged child’s pose!

4.  From supine, ROLL OVER to your right and push up to sit.

5.  Supportive touch…directive touch…

Aside from these, there are others that I learned but most of all…

He made me reflect on my yoga practice, on my skills and desire to teach yoga and on how possible it is to merge my professional discipline to this practice.

Thank you Hart!



Pranayama with Paul Dallaghan

Yoga Manila facilitated Paul Dallaghan’s visit for a Workshop on Anatomy of Breathing this December 5 – 7, 2010.  It was my very first time to take a leave from work to attend a yoga event — and am I glad I did!

Here is Paul showing us a pictures of healthy and deceased lungs…

We started the three days with an hour and a half of chanting and pranayama practice….

Then two hours of asanas…

This is my friend Myla doing a backbend!

Then sumptous lunches….!

Vegetarian, ofcourse but truly delicious!

Lectures after lunch…

Here’s Paul teaching us how to be a superhero…with an AAAAHHHHH…..

Jon assisted Paul…

Waking up very early in the morning to take that long trip down south was worth it to meet up with friends on the mat…

The event ended with YMO workshop participants eating lunch where else? Across Chi Spa at Dome!

My take home message from the workshop… be more mindful of pranayama practice!