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Savasana with Eyes Wide Open!

Savasana has always been a challenge to me.  I can keep focused when doing most of the asanas and take my time with them, but as soon as I get into savasana, my thoughts gravitate towards work and other things that await my attention.  As a result, savasana is shortened.

But I have been working on it and getting more mileage from it.  One of the fun things that I’ve been doing is opening my eyes while in savasana!Image

I start by getting into the pose with my eyes closed.  I work on feeling my different body parts softening and relaxing — legs, arms, spine, head, face…I then start taking notice of my breathing — slowing down, evenly-spaced, quiet.  While in this quiet and relaxed state, I slowly open my eyes.  I look around, whatever my visual field can sense without turning my head. With my eyes open, I consciously become aware of my relaxed state — my body parts not moving, my breathing….then I close my eyes once more.  I stay this way for a few more breaths and then I start my “getting-out-of-the-pose” sequence for savasana.

Opening my eyes while in savasana gives me a concrete and actual experience of how I should be like when I am awake — calm, easy, soothing… Try it!




Savasana, a promised asana



Savasana is the promised asana.
This asana redeems you.
It teaches you to love yourself and respect your body.
No matter how “bad” you did or felt during the practice; feeling tight, losing balance, lacking strength…
The promise of Savasana will erase all that.
The fact that you laid out your mat and got on it to practice yoga makes you deserving for Savasana.

Savasana is magical.
Your body is in a seemingly state of sleep yet your mind is aware and your senses awake.

It helps to regulate your breath, focus your mind and infuse energy to your body. This can be done before and after the practice of yoga or at anytime during the day if you need to rejuvenate.

Savasana will make you smile and entice you to lay down your mat again for yoga!

Reconnecting with Savasana

Savasana or corpse pose is one of the most delightful poses I have experienced in this yoga journey.  Savasana is the promise pose or the reward pose.  It comes at the end of your yoga practice.

In these past months, I have not been able to appreciate its value…I’m always rushing off to work and trying to beat the time to save on my parking fees.  Aside from that, I’ve had this post-nasal drip which makes it difficult to maintain a prolonged position.

This holiday season though, allowed me to reconnect with the enchantment of savasana.  I don’t need to rush to work, (the parking lot in Salcedo street is cheaper too!) and the weather has allowed my sinuses to be clear.   I am able to stay in the asana longer and appreciate the work that I had just done earlier.

Apart from this, the Stillpoint teachers use their healing and soothing hands to keep me in that pose in a more tranquil state.

One of my 2011 wishes…a consistent experience of deep stillness in savasana…