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Lessons from Paul

On uddiyana bandha and nauli…

(photo taken from http://www.indianetzone.com/photos_gallery/22/uddiyana-bandh_3326.jpg)

… about three inches below the navel

…passive abdomen, diaphragm is active


1. Exhale, pull in the lower abdominals, 2. One-fourth of a second relax, anus is relaxed, 3. Diaphragm is actived, 4. Relax, 5. Inhale

(6. Isolate the abodminal rectus for Nauli)


On Central Nauli also known as the crown hatha, helps in…

… elimination, digestion, assimilation, circulation, cleansing of the lymph nodes and has a overall positive effect on the nervous system


On Agni Sara is kind of the opposite of uddiyana bandha….

…active abdomen, passive diaphragm


1.  Exhale, pull back lower abdominals, 2. Flick forward the lower abdominals (transversus), anus is relaxed, 3. Expand abdomen, organs start to float in the positve environment, 4. Repeat flick and expand three to seven times, 5. Inhale.

…you may hear digestive abdominal sounds when doing this, and that’s ok!


The Fire Ceremony

Every morning at 6:15 am, we take the short walk to the retreat center to join the Fire Ceremony.

Tiwari-ji explained that the sun is the most important creation according to the vedas scriptures.  He says that fire is the daughter of the sun and one way to communicate to the sun is through the daughter, Fire.

I understand that the fire ceremony is an act to remember the process of creation, to be thankful for the sun.  It is also an invocation to the sun for clarity of mind.  During the ceremony, we are asked to silently say our mantras ten times.

The ceremony starts and ends with Paul sounding off a signal by blowing through a conch shell.  My friend Cherry who sat with the inner circle today says you can feel the vibration when he blows through the shell.  I can imagine its sound being heard by others in the distance.

During the ceremony, flowers are offered to the fire and placed around the pit and water (I think it’s water) is spread around the pit to prevent insects to get into the fire.

Chants are made during the ceremony. Towards the end, milk is distributed by Paul to the participants.  Milk is an offering to the sun, it symbolizes the purity of mother’s milk. We sip it and put it over our heads (this I am not too clear about…)!

Apparently, the fire ceremony can be done without the physical presence of “fire”.  This knowledge however gives me a better view on the importance of the sun and it’s place in the process of creation.

My sun salutations may be different after this….om….

Count down…

Five days.

Five days to go until I get to practice and learn from him,

Paul Dallaghan, my teachers’ teacher

Five days before pursuing and discovering more about my favorite yoga practice of Pranayama with O.P. Tiwari.

Five days to go and am feeling anxious…to leave them for a while,


and the hubby…

Five days…tick, tock, tick, tock…


Pranayama with Paul Dallaghan

Yoga Manila facilitated Paul Dallaghan’s visit for a Workshop on Anatomy of Breathing this December 5 – 7, 2010.  It was my very first time to take a leave from work to attend a yoga event — and am I glad I did!

Here is Paul showing us a pictures of healthy and deceased lungs…

We started the three days with an hour and a half of chanting and pranayama practice….

Then two hours of asanas…

This is my friend Myla doing a backbend!

Then sumptous lunches….!

Vegetarian, ofcourse but truly delicious!

Lectures after lunch…

Here’s Paul teaching us how to be a superhero…with an AAAAHHHHH…..

Jon assisted Paul…

Waking up very early in the morning to take that long trip down south was worth it to meet up with friends on the mat…

The event ended with YMO workshop participants eating lunch where else? Across Chi Spa at Dome!

My take home message from the workshop… be more mindful of pranayama practice!