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Too much talking is an obstacle in yoga.

We are all divine! But divinity is not to be achieved, it has to be re-discovered.  An obstacle to divinity is lack of awareness.

The cause of happiness or suffering is brought about by the function of the mind. Yoga will help channelize the function of the mind. Pranayama helps control the mind.

Practice with awareness.  Sincerity in practice. Any art or science in life needs sincerity in practice.



The end of an era…

Much can be said about the chancellorship of Dr. Ramon Arcadio of UP Manila However, one of the best things for me that he had instituted is the singing of “Pilipinas Kong Mahal” at the start of every event.

Whether it be at the University Council meeting, Commencement exercise, or some seemingly “frivolous” affair to me, this song has to be sung.

The words and the music always justifies my work at the University, my work as a teacher, my work as a therapist in the Philippines.

Thank you Chancellor for reminding us of this…listen…

Yoga is happening now…

To blog or not to blog…well, I can’t start working with a heavy heart so might as well do this first.

About three years ago, my yoga teacher Rajendra did not renew his contract with Mandarin and I was left alone without a guru.  In my search for one, I stumbled upon Yoga Manila. I was exposed and immediately got hooked to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga; Mysore-style vs. Led classes.  I appreciated being exposed to different teachers with similar teachings yet subtle differences in styles.  But towards the end of my  first year of practice, I realized I needed someone who would know me and my practice.

I chose Jon.  I understood him (probably the anatomical terms we both use comfortably).  I like his style of teaching (commanding yet giving).  I took a deep breath to do evening classes despite my being a “morning” practitioner just so I can have learning time with him.  He taught me asanas, asana preps, pranayama, mitahara, adjusting, veggie-eating and cooking, and chants.  He has influenced me so much in practice and made me realize that yoga goes on even off the mat.  I like my yoga practice now and he has made a huge contribution to it.

But Jon’s life has taken a turn (a pleasant and rewarding one) that would affect my yoga life.  I now find myself in the same situation three years ago…without a guru.  Things are different now, though.

I have established a consistent yoga practice. I am not worried about not having to practice despite not having a teacher.  I think I am worried that no one will be able to monitor my practice and tell me what’s next.  I am beginning to think that I have to learn how to direct my own practice… how far or how fast do I go?

Although I was able to practice this morning, I had a heavy heart knowing that I will not be going to Monday evening classes at the YMO shala for Jon’s class because there is none.

I am so grateful to have known a teacher like Jon.  He inspires me to be better in my practice and to share the practice of yoga.  I am sure he will continue to influence me despite the distance (Viber!).

With love and gratefulness in my heart…Namaste Jon!

Slowing down

Enjoying a Snail’s Pace
Doing Things Slowly
Take time to slow down, rushing never gets you anywhere but on to the next activity or goal.


Some faculty members took time to slow down and connect with breath and movement.

The semester whizzes by so fast and we find ourselves overwhelmed by tons of work that gets laid on our desk.  The benefits of yoga can be felt by anyone, in any rank.

Our University Registrar

A novice faculty

Taking time allows us to explore our bodies…our abilities… our limitations.

Slowing down gives us time to look into possibilities and prospects…

Slowing down gives us time to rest our bodies, our minds and allow us to feel our spirits…

Om. Namaste.


The led class I attended yesterday afternoon has invigorated me enough that I decided to just do pranayama this morning.  My daily pranayama practice has helped me focus and gives me enough energy to go through my everyday tasks.

Tomorrow will be a big day (for me and some students anyway) so I am preparing myself mentally, psychologically and spiritually.  Yoga don’t fail me….

When you inhale, you take the strength from God,  When you exhale, it represents the service you give to the world.  – B.K.S. Iyengar

To Catherine

My good friend is asking herself  the question that pops up every now and then: “Why the hell are  you doing this?!”

That question usually comes to me during these poses:

Kurmasana or Turtle Pose

Supta kurmasana or Sleeping turtle pose

and urdhva dhanurasana or Bow pose….

These poses are hard, painful and contorts your body in an unnatural manner… but I still do them because:

1.  It’s part of the sequence;

2.  Whatever little you can accomplish in those poses are actually big strides already.

3.  After each pose, despite the difficulties…I always feel good about doing it!

4.  And lastly there’s that hope that someday, I’ll be able to do the poses well…

And so to Catherine; I don’t think you will be doing something you don’t actually like to do.  Keep at it and someday you will find out why it was so important that you had to do what you are doing now…


(photos are from google search)

Yoga and teaching

As I was working on my teaching portfolio three weeks ago, it dawned on me that I never really appreciated my profession until I understood it from the yoga perspective.

Yoga as we know it, was brought to us because a teacher was willing to teach a student; and that student passed on his teacher’s teaching to another student.  Generations of teachers and students; sharing, giving, listening, receiving.  Years and years of teaching, that is what yoga is all about and that is how yoga came to me.

I am so grateful to ALL my teachers and mentors; teachers in school, teachers (co-teachers) at work, teachers in yoga…to all of you who took the time to share the knowledge, to share the skills and to share your experiences so that I can learn: Namaste!

You all inspire me to be a better person!

Vande Gurunam charanaravinde/ Sandarshita svatmasuhavabodhe/ Nishreyase jangalikayamane/ Samsara halahala mohashantyai

Abahu Purushakaram/ Shankhacakrsi dharinam/ Sahasra sirasam svetam/ Pranamani Patanjalim