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What can we do to please Mother Nature?

Mother nature doesn’t look happy…she seems angry…

It has not stopped raining for days….

Can we think of ways to please her?

What resolutions can we make to make mother nature happier?




To the leaders of our land…

The spirit of the 1987 Constitution is truth, honesty and transparency.  Its intent is to avoid graft and corruption that was the way of governing during the Marcos era.  If the highest magistrate of our land believes that an older law such as the Foreign Currency Deposits Law can be used by public officials like him, and overlook the intent of the SALN for full disclosure of assets and liabilities; then our country will never move forward.

nyayena margena mahim mahisah                                                                                         Let rulers rule the world with law and justice….


The end of an era…

Much can be said about the chancellorship of Dr. Ramon Arcadio of UP Manila However, one of the best things for me that he had instituted is the singing of “Pilipinas Kong Mahal” at the start of every event.

Whether it be at the University Council meeting, Commencement exercise, or some seemingly “frivolous” affair to me, this song has to be sung.

The words and the music always justifies my work at the University, my work as a teacher, my work as a therapist in the Philippines.

Thank you Chancellor for reminding us of this…listen…

Jan 25 Buendia Bus Bombing

Om sarve bhavantu sukhinaha
Sarve santu niraamayah
Sarve bhadrani pasyantu
Maa kaschid duhkha bhaag bhavet

May all be happy
May all be without disease
May all have well being
May none have misery of any sort.

My first yoga teacher Rajendra Pandey taught me this chant.  I still say this after every pranayama practice.

I hope my chanting is loud enough and be heard throughout the universe…


Peace…peace…forever peace….

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Breathing through the pain

The tragedy that happened last Monday was very unfortunate. The Chinese HK nationals are grieving…the Filipinos too are grieving…

How as a nation will be be able to get over this painful and shameful event?
Ekam inhale, Dve exhale, Trini inhale, Chatvari exhale…

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Thoughts on P.Noy’s SONA

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What struck me about this year’s SONA and other matters related to it:

1.  Teddy Locsin disclosed that President Cory Aquino wanted to see Noynoy run for office, even just as VP while she is alive… she must be really proud!

2.  How could we as a Filipino nation allow a government as corrupt as the last run us down?!!!

3.  I like the Filipino language used in an event such as this! I like the fact that the highest government official uses Filipino so comfortably.  Mabuhay!

4.  We should think of others more than ourselves for peace and prosperity to happen.

5.  How did Liz (I can’t remember her family name, sorry) re-style P.Noy’s hairstyle? Amazing..

Yoga practice tonight and closing prayers will be for the President, the President’s men (and women) and the Filipinos!

Wisdom and courage

Courage is useless without wisdom,

Wisdom is useless without courage,

We should strive to achieve both in our lifetime….