Monthly Archives: December 2012

The year that was…

The highlights for this year…


I went on a yoga trip!


I finished a difficult administrative temporary post!


I started school!


I received not so good news about my hubby’s health…he is ok for now.

Family…friends…nadi shodahna…Fluffy…


Looking forward to next year!


Savasana with Eyes Wide Open!

Savasana has always been a challenge to me.  I can keep focused when doing most of the asanas and take my time with them, but as soon as I get into savasana, my thoughts gravitate towards work and other things that await my attention.  As a result, savasana is shortened.

But I have been working on it and getting more mileage from it.  One of the fun things that I’ve been doing is opening my eyes while in savasana!Image

I start by getting into the pose with my eyes closed.  I work on feeling my different body parts softening and relaxing — legs, arms, spine, head, face…I then start taking notice of my breathing — slowing down, evenly-spaced, quiet.  While in this quiet and relaxed state, I slowly open my eyes.  I look around, whatever my visual field can sense without turning my head. With my eyes open, I consciously become aware of my relaxed state — my body parts not moving, my breathing….then I close my eyes once more.  I stay this way for a few more breaths and then I start my “getting-out-of-the-pose” sequence for savasana.

Opening my eyes while in savasana gives me a concrete and actual experience of how I should be like when I am awake — calm, easy, soothing… Try it!