Instrospection before urdhva dhanurasana (bow pose)


Introspection always happen during urdhva dhanurasana! I do several preparatory asanas and stretches before I get to do this pose. BTW, that is NOT me in the photo, I just took it! Anyway, as I go through the preps, the following thoughts linger in my mind…

what is weak? what needs strengthening? why can’t i get to do this asana?

why is it painful? why is it always painful? why is the pain lingering?

why do i want to do this asana anyway?

Weirdly, though I also answer the questions…(while working on the pose)

1.  I really need to work on the strength of my quadriceps and psoas.

2.  It is painful because I am not doing it right and my spine is not neutral; I need to open my chest more and stabilize by legs more.

3.  When teachers help me do this pose well, the feeling is liberating and exhilirating…that’s why I want to learn this asana.

If there is one thing I learned from ashtanga yoga, is that nothing is impossible with practice!



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