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To the leaders of our land…

The spirit of the 1987 Constitution is truth, honesty and transparency.  Its intent is to avoid graft and corruption that was the way of governing during the Marcos era.  If the highest magistrate of our land believes that an older law such as the Foreign Currency Deposits Law can be used by public officials like him, and overlook the intent of the SALN for full disclosure of assets and liabilities; then our country will never move forward.

nyayena margena mahim mahisah                                                                                         Let rulers rule the world with law and justice….



An inviting practice


Today, before I could start my asanas, I found myself in a fix — a flat tire! I had to make arrangements so that someone can come and replace it for me.  I was not it the mood anymore to continue my practice but insightful and experienced yoga friends egged me to go on and I’m glad I did!

I think usually, when I get on the mat I tell myself, “Yoga show me what you can do for me, give me focus, give me strength.”

Today it felt different…it was as if the practice was telling me “I can give you comfort, I can calm you, I can center you.”

Instead of me asking (or even demanding), it was the practice that was inviting me.  My practice was light and easy.  It was a shortened practice but each asana seemed effortless, undemanding and even painless!

Just like  in life, you need to have a give & take relationship with yoga.  If you nurture and care for it to grow, it will someday give back and care for you as well…