Treat yourself well

I enjoy receiving the articles of  The Daily Om.  Yesterday’s words were especially true for me  ( .

February 24, 2012
Time for Wellness
A Self-Healing Day

 A beautiful gift to yourself is a day of healing and nourishing just for you.

 The article’s first line “Human beings carry within themselves the seed of healing.” made me smile and reminded me of the primary reason why I started the practice of yoga.

For a very long time, I felt sick and physically fragile.  This affected the social aspect of my life, the quality of work I did and my overall view of my  future.  Although, I took the necessary medical steps to get myself better, it was frustrating and mentally tiring.  There came a time however, that I was relieved of the “regular” physical pains I used to feel.  I still remember that moment when I made a promise to myself, “I want to heal.”

I chose to heal myself.  I started by taking yoga classes and I guess I made the right choice.  I am so different now.  I feel stronger, physically. I became more confident which was translated into better relationships and inspiring output at work.  I can actually see a better  future for me.

And I think more than anything, this is what I want to share when I talk about my life with yoga.  We have within ourselves the ability to heal, all we have to do is commit.

Your body is your temple. Treat yourself well. Love yourself.


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