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The end of an era…

Much can be said about the chancellorship of Dr. Ramon Arcadio of UP Manila However, one of the best things for me that he had instituted is the singing of “Pilipinas Kong Mahal” at the start of every event.

Whether it be at the University Council meeting, Commencement exercise, or some seemingly “frivolous” affair to me, this song has to be sung.

The words and the music always justifies my work at the University, my work as a teacher, my work as a therapist in the Philippines.

Thank you Chancellor for reminding us of this…listen…

Is asana for pleasure or excellence?

(comic image obtained online from

Being that our time zones are different, I was greeted by an early morning tweet by my friend with a thought provoking question, “In our asana practice, do we see it as a pursuit of pleasure or a pursuit of excellence?”.

After some reflection and after asana practice today, I think I would not last this long in this practice if ashtanga vinyasa yoga was not pleasurable.  I believe that coming back day after day to this practice is motivated by enjoyment and fun.

During practice though I find myself seriously trying to improve on each asana evertime I get to it. I actually feel some guilt if I forget to do an asana or if I just let an asana slip by with mediocre practice.  Is this pursuit of excellence? I think so.

Just like any sport or physical activity, pleasure will be an initial motivator for keeping you doing the activity but as one gets deeper in practice, pursuit of excellence will keep you engaged and focused.

Bottomline: My asana practice is a pursuit of pleasure and excellence!

Thanks Jon for this day’s reflection!


Easy veggie dish


My dear friend Inday, excitedly gave me this for my birthday this year.  She was so excited she gave it to me almost a month early! I was just as excited to receive it.

Gwyneth is a yogi and an ashtangi at that.  She used to be a vegetarian but she went back to eating fish and chicken.  The book is lovely to look at and the dishes seem delicious, practical and fit my needs.  I did the vegetable stock and roasted some vegetables, but my fave so far is this:

So easy to do! The cooking that is required is that of the pasta.  The rest you mix together; lemon zest of 1 lemon, lemon juice, olive oil, parmesan cheese and some pasta water.  It took me three tries before I can “perfect” it to suit my taste, half a recipe, not soggy and not too sour.  You can serve it with grilled fish or chicken and top it with any roasted vegetables, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes.

Tonight, I topped it with steamed asparagus tips and roasted cherry tomatoes.  I cut the tomatoes in half, put it in the aluminum tray of my toaster oven, sprinkled salt and splashed olive oil.  I steamed the asparagus tips and put some olive oil on it once done.  It was delicious! I had it done in about thirty minutes.  My carnivorous hubby had this with a slab of steak, he loved it!