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Off the mat and into the rapids


This mantra was introduced to me by my yoga teacher. I try to keep it in mind each day and live the words as I understand them. Its true meaning however was revealed to me this weekend.

These words are not linear, you do not practice it one after another. It is a mantra that goes around…

Surrender to the moment…listen to nature…allow nature to take you so that you can understand her, revere her and care for her. Ride the rapids with all your best and all your might. Breathe!

Be grateful for the people you have met and relationships you have formed. Be open to new faces and new personalities. Be grateful for the breath of life.

Be compassionate at all times…you will never know when the positive act will be repaid to you.



Discovering Pipino

We usually eat breakfast out on Sundays after Ricky’s run. Today we decided to run in Diliman and have breakfast at Ayala techno Hub. Fortunately, we missed the entrance to the hub when we made a U-turn. Ricky thought of an eating place a friend has been suggesting him, Pino. He thought I would also like it because it has a vegetarian Resto counterpart; Pipino. He was right!




Theirs is an all-day breakfast menu.


Ricky chose the chocolate waffles.


Took a bite, it was delish! I had a harder time choosing. I wanted the champorado but was really craving for rice. I decided on the vegetable hash with a side order of brown fried rice.


I enjoyed my meal with organic coffee too! I can’t wait to take another food trip and try other entrees in their menu.




Their menu truly reflects their motto:


They also sell vegan baked goodies and even vegan bagoong! Yum!


Taking another step for balance and wellness

I had just finished my consultation with Jessica Blanchard.  She practices ayuverda which wikipedia defines as a traditional practice of medicine in India.  I was afraid to do this consultation, with my complicated medical history and all, but the universe kept nagging at me and so I did.

After so many medical consultations, this is the first I heard that my problems around the lower trunk/pelvic region is caused by the same reason.  She offered me advice that is a bit disappointing but seems promising.

1.  Minimize animal protein:  Less fish and eggs.  Use beans for proteins.  I don’t usually eat beans as part of my meal so I am not sure how I will go about this.

2.  Avoid dairy products:  Good bye grilled cheese sandwiches, cream cheese on bagels.  Is ice cream a dairy product? (I know the answer actually…)

3.  Put a pinch of cayenne pepper on my food daily.  This is to produce heat which can help open up my ureters.

4.  Eat cooked vegetables instead of cold ones like salad.  I like this except that I am not too good at cooking vegetables.

5.  Drink ginger tea: hot water, ginger and honey.

(Jessica’s card)

I wonder how different things would have been had I met her 10 years ago?

I will have to re-think my grocery list for this weekend.  I am looking forward to this new adventure!

It’s August!

Three tweets this morning blurted out that it is already August! August is a relatively uneventful month for me in terms of occasions and activities but for the past three years I have been aware that this is the month I started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (I practiced Hatha yoga two years before Ashtanga!!).

What has changed since I started?

1.  Yoga is not just a physical activity for me anymore.  Its teachings influence my work and personal life.  The practice of asana has become my prayer.  I pray for a healthy and strong body, focused and open mind and a strong spirit; in the hope that this translates to better decisions and outcomes at work, better relationships and a happier life in general.

2.  I had become more conscious of my cynicism and am working hard to have a more positive outlook.  After being able to engage myself successfully in asanas that seem impossible to do, I have learned that anything can be achieved if you take it one step at a time.   I have always doubted getting a higher academic degree, but I have taken the first step of submitting an application form for a Doctorate program.

3.  I have always dreaded growing old.  I didn’t like how I imagined myself to be like when I hit the senior citizen mark.  In the past I have made verbal declarations that I don’t want to live beyond 50 years old.  But now, that has changed.  I am beginning to look forward to gracefully aging.  I was really inspired by a video showing a 60 year-old lady doing dropbacks with ease!

(image from; Bakasana – a pose I still have to learn!)

As I look back, I am so glad to have made that crucial decision to take control of my health.  More importantly, I’m glad that I considered yoga as a means to be healthy.  It has given me more than just a healthy body; it has given me LIFE!