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A satisfying post-holiday practice

I had just gotten back from a very relaxing break.  I had a couple of chances to practice yoga while I was away.  The first time was a short one, standing poses and finishing.  It was helpful to keep my body active and not succumb to the passivity of my current environment.  The second time, was an early morning full practice.  During that practice, my body was stiff and weak… must be all the food and alcohol I have been ingesting!

Today,  I started my practice with pranayama.  My breathing was consistent and flowing evenly.  Brahmari was so relaxing.  I also felt stable and comfortable in padmasana…so I pursued a 5-minute meditation.  It was calming and gave me a sense of composure.  The thirty minutes was truly satisfying for me!

Asana practice will be tonight…I wonder how my body will respond?

A pleasant surprise!

I was pleasantly surprise to run into my yogi friends at the mall.  I got to taste that visually appealing pecan pie Chona got for Jon.  Yum, yum, yum…Thank you so much!

Remembering , In gratitude…

July 26, 1915 – May 18, 2009

Remembering this beautiful man today…..

vande gurunam caranaravinde
sandarsita svatmasukhava bodhe
nishreyase jangalikayamane
samsara halahala mohasantyai

abahu purusakaram
sankhacakrasi dharinam
sahasra sirasam svetam
pranamami patanjalim

The finishing poses

The finishing poses…

…. cools you down

…. calming

…. restorative

….affirming (that my body is still intact!)

This is my favorite part of the ashtanga vinyasa practice!


“I wonder, is reincarnation real or just some goofy idea I picked up in a former lifetime? – Sy Safransky, Internal Yoga Mag Tweet April 1, 2011

Yoga at Las Casas Filipinas

Just got back from a unique place called Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar at Bagac, Bataan. The place features old houses re-assembled here which they use to house their guests. The property has an old-time feeling. All over the property are wrought iron sculptures of children playing Filipino games…palo sebo, luksong kuba, playing with carabaos, but this group is my favorite…

They are doing yoga!

This one’s preparing for pranayama by doing uddiyana kriya!

This little girl is doing a dropback!

This one’s trying a dancer’s pose!

And this one is getting ready to close!

Yoga in my life!