Yoga Retreat Pictography

A small group of yogins and yoginis took a short trip out of the city to the cool hillsides of Antipolo for a Yoga Retreat.

The natural and rustic feel of Camp Explore was a perfect setting for this retreat.

 The Buddha welcomed us to signify a peaceful and bountiful event for us.

For two mornings, we would take that short trip through the “woods” to get to our practice area.

We had a tiled open area for practice.  The pros…our ambient sounds came from nature and our green surroundings made things tranquil.  The cons…mosquitoes and the cool mountain breeze! I think it was colder here than at Chi spa where we usually practice.

We started the day with pranayama practice and asana practice.

We had two workshops; the first on pranayama and the other on strength and flexibility. The workshops were fun!

We were able to do meditation one night and we were able to sit and discuss yoga concepts and curiosities.

We had to fight psychological deprivation of food we prefer to eat and believe in the fact that soup and salad would nourish us enough. (I think I will keep this diet until Easter?!)

It was great to spend more time with my teacher from whom I learned a lot from these past days.  He shared with us two great movies “The Guru” and “Ashtanga New York”. Hmmm…I need to get a copy of those, especially the one on Guruji!

I go through life knowing that my yoga practice has changed me, but this is something that I normally don’t talk about or discuss with the people I regularly work with.  This trip brought together people from different work backgrounds, different age groups, different lives with yoga as their common link.

Although I had qualms leaving my normal comforts of life and leaving my “security blanket” husband for a couple of nights, I think the time I spent with people who are on the same journey as I am (with yoga in their lives) was very much worth the trip!



2 responses to “Yoga Retreat Pictography

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a yoga retreat… May I know who organized and facilitated the yoga retreat you attended. 🙂 thanks, maricar

    • Hi Maricar! Our teacher and friend initiated this idea. He also facilitated the retreat. The rest of us pitched in to put everything together; looking for venue, organizing meals and transport. The place we chose was perfect at that time of the year. Let me know if you need info re the place. Sorry am not much help for your query.

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