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Sandwiches and 127 hours

Saturday is usually date night for us.  We eat out, watch a movie if there is something good showing or maybe walk around the mall.  Since we had a stack of DVDs at home we hadn’t watched, I suggested that instead of going out I could make us sandwiches and watch while we eat.

So I made his and hers sandwiches.

Mine was inspired by Giada the other night… grilled vegetable sandwich.  It had zucchini, eggplant, yellow peppers, tomatoes and tofu on whole wheat pan de sal.

Ricky’s was a turkey sandwich with deli onions, red peppers and roasted yellow peppers on whole wheat bread.

I also made him a salami and cheese sandwich.  The ice cold San Miguel Premium went perfectly with our sandwiches.

The food turned out great.  The movie we chose to watch was 127 hours…my non-artsy side did not appreciate it at all!

Ricky was excited about the whole thing though.  He thought it was like a picnic! And he was so excited to see Aron Ralston/James Franco amputate his arm!


Guess why EDSA is important to me?

In February 1986, I was taking the following classes at UP Diliman: Zoo 10, Chem 31, Physics 52 and English 3 (I think).  My first exams for both Chem  and Physics were really, really, really low (my scores were too embarrasing to even blog about!). I am being positive to think about removals but I should have dropped the course which I didn’t.  But guess what happened?

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Four days of EDSA! Classes were definitely cancelled.  We were out in the streets. Eager to get the dictator out. Excited for the possible change in government.  Nothing was more important than that! And when the Marcoses fled the country, we had to go back to school…

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But guess what happened?! The College of Science was so happy with the EDSA revolution outcome, they Mass Promoted everyone!!!! And guess who benefitted the most?! ME!!!

So for the rest of the semester, I had to scramble for a better grade in English since I wasn’t really paying attention to that course.

Had the EDSA revolution not happen, I don’t think I would have passed that semester.  Then i wouldn’t have met my husband… I probably would not have continued on as a physical therapist…I don’t think I would be in U.P. now…

Everything happens for a reason!

Back on the mat

After three days of stress at work and therefore three days of no yoga practice, it was good to be back on my mat today.

I took my time in pranayama.  Doing center nauli was hard after not doing it for almost a week! I hope to get back into it these next days.


The rest of pranayama was welcoming! It felt good to get the rhythm of the breath again and to feel it fully in my lungs…

Similarly, I had a hard time finding my balance in standing.  Utthita Hasta pandangushtasana and ardha baddha padmottanasa were a struggle (These asanas are always a struggle but today, it was extra hard!).


I think my mind is still filled with work thoughts and other things.  But I got to focus more during the seated poses and finally found my groove.

It turned out to be a relaxing practice. My breath was steady and calm.  My body felt strong and stable.  I was able to mentally focus on my movement and the asanas.

I am so glad for the practice of yoga! Thank you to all the teachers who brought yoga to me!

A gesture of gratidue

I had gotten into the practice of yoga to be physically healthy.  The practice makes you sweat, strengthens the body, lengthens the muscles and develops endurance. This was a physical activity for me.

Without expecting it and without knowing, the practice has slowly changed.  I get on the mat to be thankful to be alive.  Every breath is a reminder of being alive.  Every movement that goes with the breath is evidence of living.  This makes the practice soulful…prayer-like.

Yoga may start out as a physical activity, but if you allow it to, it can be a spiritual journey.



Happy valentines day to all!

I hope you all had a heart-felt practice today!

Happy valentine’s day to all who love yoga!


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The odd couple

My hubby wasn’t feeling too well today, so I stayed in with him. Maybe I wasn’t cooking him enough meat so I cooked him some longganisa from Baguio Country Club.  Then we turned on the TV and voila! Two much loved Hollywood personalities on HBO: Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau in the movie The Odd Couple 2!

It was funny, light and pure! I miss these two…grumpy old men!



Fear of failing + Fear of achieving = Frustration/Despair

Salamba Sirsana…(sigh…)