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Year 2010

Looking back at this year, the following events were significant to me:

1.  Ricky and I have been married 15 years in January 2010!  We went to Coron, Palawan in the summer to celebrate this event.  I am still in awe, about how a partnership can keep on getting stronger by the year…I want this to continue!

2.  We had our first automated elections and another President Aquino was elected.  I felt and still am feeling hopeful about a “change” in government.

3.  I started a blog in May 2010! Yay….

4.  I was able to share yoga to a lot of people…people at work and good friends.  Some stayed on to practice, others did not take to the practice.  But that’s ok, the idea to let others be aware of what it is and how it can help.

5.  I was recognized for the work that I’ve been doing the past 18 years…Am not much for “recognition” but this one was a re-affirmation of my work; it’s both an inspiration and a warning…I want to keep on doing what I am doing and maybe even more, but this means more time for work (and less for yoga? waaahh….)

6.  I attended a led class of John Scott and a Pranayama workshop by Paul Dallaghan.

7.  Made new friends through yoga! It’s like adding a new dimension in my life…LIKE!

Those are the events I remember most and want to keep in cyberspace.   If I think of something I missed, I will update this blog!

Wishing all mankind peace and prosperity in 2011!



Reconnecting with Savasana

Savasana or corpse pose is one of the most delightful poses I have experienced in this yoga journey.  Savasana is the promise pose or the reward pose.  It comes at the end of your yoga practice.

In these past months, I have not been able to appreciate its value…I’m always rushing off to work and trying to beat the time to save on my parking fees.  Aside from that, I’ve had this post-nasal drip which makes it difficult to maintain a prolonged position.

This holiday season though, allowed me to reconnect with the enchantment of savasana.  I don’t need to rush to work, (the parking lot in Salcedo street is cheaper too!) and the weather has allowed my sinuses to be clear.   I am able to stay in the asana longer and appreciate the work that I had just done earlier.

Apart from this, the Stillpoint teachers use their healing and soothing hands to keep me in that pose in a more tranquil state.

One of my 2011 wishes…a consistent experience of deep stillness in savasana…


Merry Christmas to all!

I think this yoga mat Christmas tree set up by Certified Calm at the EDSA Shangrila Mall is fun and unique!

We wish you all PEACE of mind and heart and

PROSPERITY in all that matters the most


-Ricky and Mia

Yoga at Stillpoint

Yoga Manila is closed for the holiday season.  I got in touch with my friend Cherry who also needed time to practice.  We were both thinking of the same thing, to practice at Stillpoint which is open weekdays during the holidays.

I had always been invited to go there but am always afraid to get out of my comfort zone; not only in my yoga practice but also in other things like, finding my way there through Makati traffic, getting a parking space, etc, etc… Today though seems to be a good time to do it.

I studied the map the night before (am not so good at directions!), slowed down when I got to Salcedo street. Found the building but realized there was no parking on that street.  I found a nearby car park (which is cheaper than parking in Perea!).  I walked to the front of the building but no one opened the door for me.  I had to go at the back of the building to enter.  Later on the lobby guard told me that there was a doorbell in front which I could ring and they would let me in (he…he…silly me!).

The shala was a small cozy place, filled to the rafters. I found a spot near the door.  I was immediately attracted to the sun salutation figures painted on the wall.  Although familiar faces were there, I had to adjust to the new surroundings, ambient noises, chanting music, closely placed yoga mats…but in no time I got my bearings.

It turned out to be a good practice.  Becky helped me out in my dropbacks…she carried me mostly but I really needed to feel that stretch and lengthening of the spine.  I am so grateful for that counter stretch she helped me with during the seated forward bend!

The other teacher (I didn’t get her name, I should introduce myself the next time) took time to help me out in shirsasana.  It felt so safe to have someone there and it really completed my good practice today.

Thank you Stillpoint for being there when I needed you!

Food and yoga

Being that it is Christmas time in Manila, I can’t help but talk about food…and yoga.

Shifting to vegetable-oriented meals has led me to discover dishes that I wouldn’t normally bite into.

This sigarilyas (I am not sure if this is how to spell it in Filipino and I don’t know if it has an English name) dish during the Pranayama workshop 3 weeks ago is still lingering in my taste buds.

During my husband’s birthday dinner, we ate at Cantinetta, he ordered ribs and I ordered fish.  I needed a pasta dish so I got myself this spinach and cheese ravioli.  It was great! Ricky loved it! He ate more than I did (…and he is usually turned off by spinach!).

(That’s Nature, posing with the pasta)

Yesterday, eating out with yogins from Yoga Manila Ortigas, we ordered a pasta dish at Cyma – Pasta Leonides. It had roasted vegetables in it and it turned out delicious. I would have normally ordered a fish dish but am glad we bumped into this.

This yoga journey is becoming tastier by the minute…Yum!!

Happy days are here…

As the much anticipated holiday season approaches, activities in school are more focused on the festivities…I am taking advantage of this by doing morning practices!

Yoga Manila allows its clients to do self-practice at Perea and at Chi.  Although technically there is no teacher assigned during these sessions, you end up practicing WITH the teachers.  I still learn a lot from self-practice by watching them and of course asking and chatting with them!

Happy days…. Om!

Pranayama with Paul Dallaghan

Yoga Manila facilitated Paul Dallaghan’s visit for a Workshop on Anatomy of Breathing this December 5 – 7, 2010.  It was my very first time to take a leave from work to attend a yoga event — and am I glad I did!

Here is Paul showing us a pictures of healthy and deceased lungs…

We started the three days with an hour and a half of chanting and pranayama practice….

Then two hours of asanas…

This is my friend Myla doing a backbend!

Then sumptous lunches….!

Vegetarian, ofcourse but truly delicious!

Lectures after lunch…

Here’s Paul teaching us how to be a superhero…with an AAAAHHHHH…..

Jon assisted Paul…

Waking up very early in the morning to take that long trip down south was worth it to meet up with friends on the mat…

The event ended with YMO workshop participants eating lunch where else? Across Chi Spa at Dome!

My take home message from the workshop… be more mindful of pranayama practice!