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My voice in the universe…

My voice in the universe is getting stronger!  Thanks for listening and hearing me Cherry!

Silence…a yoga magic!

Ever since my yoga teacher and friend, Jon came to our College to teach my colleagues yoga, they have been religiously practicing ashtanga once a week together.  I help them out by showing them how to do the asanas and remind them which asana comes next.  They have come a long way with their asanas, but tonight I realized that yoga is starting to leave a mark on them….

My young colleagues are a chatty batch (probably my fault as their role model!). I was doing my pranayama in the second floor classroom turned shala, I could hear them talking downstairs climbing the stairs.  It was loud enough so I could hear their words (in fairness, they were saying that they are excited to do yoga again). But as soon as they entered the room and laid out their mats, the silence that they “made” was admirable!

I could actually feel them doing their very best to connect with their breath;  the silence was welcomed; it was light; it was happy…it was yoga…


I am my sister’s keeper

We grew up very different from each other;   different interests and different goals.  I was the eldest and she the youngest…she’s very artistic and I am nil at artistry…She can be friends with anyone while it took me some time to be open to others.

These days, we have found a common ground in yoga, meditation and spirituality.  She shared me an excerpt from her journal;

“This morning I started the day by breathing.  I sat down on the couch, closed my eyes and I took a few deep breaths.  And then i practiced mindfulness during my commute.  I concentrated on my every action and I made myself aware of the sensations I was feeling.  I took note of my breathing and of my emotions, i observed what was happening around me, and I consciously thought of how the ground felt beneath my feet.  I do not know if it was because of that simple morning change in routine that made a difference, but my day went well.  i got a lot of things done and I related well with others”

May she have more days like this…and hope that i can experience it too!


Notes from SP (self-practice) session

If I had a pen and pencil during self-practice last Thursday, these would be my notes:

1.  Baddha Konasana A and Upavishtha Konasana – tuck your tailbone in, uddiyana bandha, lengthen the spine

2.  Drop backs – connect your pelvis to your knees

3.  Shirshasana – strengthen the wrist

My friend, Cherry who I practice with shared with me so much that day! Maybe because we haven’t seen each other for a while!

I hope I remember these little “tricks” the next time!

Photos from!

A time for myself

Things didn’t turn out as planned tonight and because of that, I was able to do a complete practice.

The setting was perfect; a soft drizzle, no students lingering around, an energy in the room that helped me during jump throughs, bind in marichy D and hold tittibhasana for 5 counts!

Yoga makes me comfortable to be on my own, to be alone and to enjoy being with me!

To understand others is to have knowledge;

To understand oneself is to be enlightened;

To conquer others requires strength;

To conquer oneself is even harder. – Lao Tze

His and hers pizzas

I prepare meals for me and my husband and that used to be an easy task as we usually eat the same things.  But since I’ve adjusted to eating more veggies and fish and less meats, I have been doubling my efforts in the kitchen.

Today, on this lazy holiday, there was a lot of time to putter around the kitchen.  I had two pizza crusts so I decided to make a pizza for each of us.

His pizza had sun-dried tomato as base with mozzarella cheese, ham,  roasted tomatoes, and onions. He said he wanted to have a beer with it but chickened out at the last-minute.

Mine, had a pesto base with mozzarella, roasted zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. I had mine with a glass of red! It was delish!

I took a bite of his and it was delicious too! As you can see, he finished his whole pizza!

Bon Appetit!