To Catherine

My good friend is asking herself  the question that pops up every now and then: “Why the hell are  you doing this?!”

That question usually comes to me during these poses:

Kurmasana or Turtle Pose

Supta kurmasana or Sleeping turtle pose

and urdhva dhanurasana or Bow pose….

These poses are hard, painful and contorts your body in an unnatural manner… but I still do them because:

1.  It’s part of the sequence;

2.  Whatever little you can accomplish in those poses are actually big strides already.

3.  After each pose, despite the difficulties…I always feel good about doing it!

4.  And lastly there’s that hope that someday, I’ll be able to do the poses well…

And so to Catherine; I don’t think you will be doing something you don’t actually like to do.  Keep at it and someday you will find out why it was so important that you had to do what you are doing now…


(photos are from google search)


2 responses to “To Catherine

  1. And if I may just add:
    5. Because the most difficult poses are the ones that heighten your awareness the most (as in, “what the…?”).
    6. I want to believe that doing the unnatural things taps a certain part of your brain that you don’t normally use…so you end up becoming a notch more intelligent, if not, at least an inch away from Alzheimer’s.

    Thanks classmate! I need to print out this entry and read it after every practice 😉

  2. “whatever little i can accomplish are actually big strides already”
    i shall whisper that over and over again.. and chase the doubts away for now. thank you.. 🙂

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