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To Catherine

My good friend is asking herself  the question that pops up every now and then: “Why the hell are  you doing this?!”

That question usually comes to me during these poses:

Kurmasana or Turtle Pose

Supta kurmasana or Sleeping turtle pose

and urdhva dhanurasana or Bow pose….

These poses are hard, painful and contorts your body in an unnatural manner… but I still do them because:

1.  It’s part of the sequence;

2.  Whatever little you can accomplish in those poses are actually big strides already.

3.  After each pose, despite the difficulties…I always feel good about doing it!

4.  And lastly there’s that hope that someday, I’ll be able to do the poses well…

And so to Catherine; I don’t think you will be doing something you don’t actually like to do.  Keep at it and someday you will find out why it was so important that you had to do what you are doing now…


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Yoga and teaching

As I was working on my teaching portfolio three weeks ago, it dawned on me that I never really appreciated my profession until I understood it from the yoga perspective.

Yoga as we know it, was brought to us because a teacher was willing to teach a student; and that student passed on his teacher’s teaching to another student.  Generations of teachers and students; sharing, giving, listening, receiving.  Years and years of teaching, that is what yoga is all about and that is how yoga came to me.

I am so grateful to ALL my teachers and mentors; teachers in school, teachers (co-teachers) at work, teachers in yoga…to all of you who took the time to share the knowledge, to share the skills and to share your experiences so that I can learn: Namaste!

You all inspire me to be a better person!

Vande Gurunam charanaravinde/ Sandarshita svatmasuhavabodhe/ Nishreyase jangalikayamane/ Samsara halahala mohashantyai

Abahu Purushakaram/ Shankhacakrsi dharinam/ Sahasra sirasam svetam/ Pranamani Patanjalim

Assumption Velada

The velada is a tradition that the Assumption College high school carries out every year.  The Silver jubilarians host the event with the other celebrants contributing to the program.

We had ours last year and we all had a great time! It was fun, memorable and a truly once in a lifetime event.  This year, I had a chance to be in the audience to watch the show; our batch had to turnover our earnings last year plus Sister Act (my sister the nun) is a silver celebrant.

The show was very entertaining and enjoyable!

The septaguarians of the Diamond batch did a Lady Gaga portion which was giggly fun and hilarious!

The Emeralds displayed courage and unity as they went on with the show despite a sad and unfortunate event that affected their batch….

I loved the spunk the Pearl jubilarians displayed!

When I came into our velada last year I knew I was a different person than when I finished high school 25 years ago.  And then watching the show yesterday made me wonder what kind of person will I be when I get to my Pearl, Jade, Ruby, Golden and Diamond years?! I can’t wait to know…

In the meantime…I like where I am now.

Congratulations Batch 1985!

How was yoga today?

My husband never fails to ask me how my yoga practice is.  I would always answer in the affirmative mainly to keep on with the conversation.  But when he asked me this last Thursday I really DID have a good practice and I wondered what made it different?

I realized that a good practice is when my breathing is relaxed and in sync with my movement.  The practice was restorative and motivating!

Today however was different?! Each pose was a struggle especially the seated asanas.  I would stop at each pose and find a reason to go on to the next one.  It felt like those early days when I just started to learn the ashtanga method and I would stop and think for each pose and try to catch my breath.  My jumps were lazy, my marichyD was a FAKE! I finally decided to end this miserable practice after navasana.  I didn’t bother to do bridging and went straight to the finishing poses…

I hope I get the right energy tomorrow for a better practice… Om…..

A led class with John and Lucy Scott

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For a second time, I had an opportunity to attend a led class by John Scott.  This time his wife Lucy was with him.  She gently adjusted me during paschimottasana which I very much needed.

The class reminded me of the basics of Ashtanga Vinyasa:

Breathing oils the machine which is our body.

Bandhas hold the body in the asanas.

Drishti is not just looking at a physical body part but looking inside you, the person.

Mantras keep us focused. Counting is a mantra.