Saturday blah…

The day started well…a full yoga practice! then things went downhill…

  • scolded my thesis group (I thought they can do better that what they are doing now)
  • got stuck in horrible Saturday traffic
  • got hit from behind while in traffic
  • was not accommodated at the parlor


I still have my Saturday date with Ricky so am hoping for positive energy from here onwards…


2 responses to “Saturday blah…

  1. =( sorry to hear that. I can’t believe you got hit while in traffic…let me guess, the driver was texting while slooowly driving in traffic? O nakatulog? Hope you weren’t hurt. But the bummer really is the parlor thing. Enjoy your date even sans new hair/nails!

    • And because I didn’t look like I came from the parlor, sa Greenhills ako dinala ng date ko. We ate in a cheap Chinese carinderia. Bagay sa look ko! But it was truly delicious! Thanks Chona!

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