Monthly Archives: June 2010

The old and the new

A couple of days ago, I had a chance to observe the slow flow vinyasa class that came after the ashtanga session.  It reminded me of the yoga I was practicing before I discovered ashtanga.  I remembered the feeling of security listening to my Hindu teacher’s voice as he dictated the different asanas to do.  I actually wanted to join the class just to get that good and comforting feeling that I had experienced before.

And then, I discovered ashtanga vinyasa, mysore style.  This practice gave me more independence to practice yoga.  It allowed me to question and learn more about the practice.  Instead of being totally dependent on my teachers to be able to practice yoga, I see them as mentors, guides and motivators.

I am very grateful to my first teacher, Raj.  He made me see the benefits of yoga. But I am glad to be in this new practice of yoga.  And, I am excited to discover and go deeper into the practice of yoga.

Breath of life

It has been 10 years since I had discovered a physical condition that results in having collapsed lungs every so often (two months).  I did get surgical and medical intervention to work it out but my body still didn’t feel right despite these.  I resorted to yoga to get out of that physical slump. And am so glad I did!

Practicing yoga allowed my body to heal and balance out my systems.  Once in a while these days, I still feel symptoms of that old condition.  But unlike before, when I would feel scared and unsure of how to go about the  pain and breathlessness, this time I am certain that a session of pranayama would bail me out.  I feel more confident about my body and that it is functioning efficiently mainly through regular practice of yoga.

Yoga literally was my breath of life…

Evening practices

I had resorted to evening practices to make up for lost morning time.  I am usually “disoriented” when I practice in the evenings.  But the past two evening practices I had found a different kind of “quiet” which I am enjoying.  This quiet-ness has helped me slow down my breathing and my movements.  Maybe because, unlike morning practices, I am not thinking of the day’s work that I need to rush off.

Makes me look forward to the next practice at dusk!

A short practice

These days work has taken over most of my time.  The two hours that I usually consume for pranayama and asanas are hard to find.  Yesterday, despite the busy schedule I decided to do a short practice at home and am glad I did!

Sun salutations, standing poses, finishing  and closing only…I was surprised to feel my head touch the ground when doing prasarita A with ease! I didn’t lose my balance when doing standing leg raises (utthita hasta padangustasana)!

Lesson:  Make the most of what you have. A short time for practice, when done with good intent can be very fruitful!