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Wisdom and courage

Courage is useless without wisdom,

Wisdom is useless without courage,

We should strive to achieve both in our lifetime….


Marichyasana D

The pose dedicated to the Sage Marichi; literally means a ray of light.

A challenging pose for me; a source of frustration; an unaccomplished task.

Yesterday though, I was able to bind.  The bind didn’t feel like I did it by chance, instead it felt deliberate and even secure.

A ray of light for me….

Shared energy

Today was self-practice day and the positive energy at the shala was much appreciated.  The genteel movement of the girl on my left, the strength and resilience of my friend on my right and the focus of the lady in front of me brought about a force that endured throughout the practice… even throughout the day.  I hope they felt it too…

Voting for change

My husband and I lined up to cast our votes last May 10.  It was hot, crowded, no where to sit.  We had planned to eat breakfast after voting. It was so easy to just forget about the whole thing and hope for the best.  It took 2 hours before we were given our ballots!  It was worth the wait, it felt good when the machine took in my ballot and read my votes.

The practice of yoga prepares me for situations in life such as this one; it takes about 1 and a half to 2 hours of hot practice, at times you think about just stopping in the middle and walk out but you stay on to finish the task. Plus, I usually delay my breakfast till after practice.  The end though is very satisfying and you are just so glad to have kept on going.

Uninterrupted practice of yoga

Now that I am on leave and the school is technically on a summer break (but work continues) I truly appreciate practicing without thinking of what I need to attend to when I get to work.

Today my teacher adjusted me well especially in those forward bends and I took my time working on back bends…my body responded so well!

Beach seasonWill relish these last weeks of summer and yoga…

Hello world!

At the end of every practice, I would often wonder how the day’s practice will influence my life…so maybe starting a blog will capture these bits and pieces of my thoughts.

Today, I started completing a form to be submitted for me to be promoted.  After listing accomplishments I’ve done in the last two years, under the form’s heading titled Personal Growth these are the accomplishments I really wanted to write:

Started Ashtanga Yoga August 2008

Completed Primary Series poses August 2009

These are the personal accomplishments I wish I could put in…