Teachings of Hart

What I got this weekend from Hart Lazer of Montreal, Canada…

1.  When an asana is not done right or does not feel right, GO BACK to the beginning!

2.  Discomfort is usually brought about by compression, find ways to relieve compression.

3.  Wide-legged child’s pose!

4.  From supine, ROLL OVER to your right and push up to sit.

5.  Supportive touch…directive touch…

Aside from these, there are others that I learned but most of all…

He made me reflect on my yoga practice, on my skills and desire to teach yoga and on how possible it is to merge my professional discipline to this practice.

Thank you Hart!



The year that was…

The highlights for this year…


I went on a yoga trip!


I finished a difficult administrative temporary post!


I started school!


I received not so good news about my hubby’s health…he is ok for now.

Family…friends…nadi shodahna…Fluffy…


Looking forward to next year!

Savasana with Eyes Wide Open!

Savasana has always been a challenge to me.  I can keep focused when doing most of the asanas and take my time with them, but as soon as I get into savasana, my thoughts gravitate towards work and other things that await my attention.  As a result, savasana is shortened.

But I have been working on it and getting more mileage from it.  One of the fun things that I’ve been doing is opening my eyes while in savasana!Image

I start by getting into the pose with my eyes closed.  I work on feeling my different body parts softening and relaxing — legs, arms, spine, head, face…I then start taking notice of my breathing — slowing down, evenly-spaced, quiet.  While in this quiet and relaxed state, I slowly open my eyes.  I look around, whatever my visual field can sense without turning my head. With my eyes open, I consciously become aware of my relaxed state — my body parts not moving, my breathing….then I close my eyes once more.  I stay this way for a few more breaths and then I start my “getting-out-of-the-pose” sequence for savasana.

Opening my eyes while in savasana gives me a concrete and actual experience of how I should be like when I am awake — calm, easy, soothing… Try it!



Finding refuge in the practice of yoga

It was hard, but I willed myself to get back on the mat after more than two weeks without any practice of yoga.

A practice at home…a short practice…but a sincere practice and one with a purpose.

I want to feel my inner strength and keep holding on to it.

I want to be courageous and resilient,

I want to always be with HOPE, always be with LOVE.



In celebration of life…

Lay your burdens down at the feet of the divine and feel the relief from your heart” – Madisyn Taylor, The Daily Om

In this past week I found myself facing my deepest fear.  These are the words of various people that helped me through it:

“Let us not waste emotional energy on what we do not know yet”

“Hang in there my friend”

It is during these trying times that we should make time to celebrate life”

“Friend, breathe in and out. Don’t let your monkey mind take over”

“Praying for strength and calmness”.

I am forever grateful for all those who supported us, prayed for us, crossed their fingers, exuded healing and positive energies…

“This event puts your life on hold”

One event brings about a new perspective on life…



What can we do to please Mother Nature?

Mother nature doesn’t look happy…she seems angry…

It has not stopped raining for days….

Can we think of ways to please her?

What resolutions can we make to make mother nature happier?



A yoga teacher…

Qualities of a good yoga teacher (for me)…

Gentle and calming

Open and giving

Knowledgable and skillful

I have met several and will forever be grateful to them.  This week, I am especially thankful to Gregor Maehle — “Be compassionate in your practice.”

And to my teacher Jon Cagas, who so willingly gave his time to help my colleagues in their practice of yoga — for his love of yoga and his value of physical activity –“Gratitude, compassion, surrender”.